District/School Accountability Committees

In Colorado each school has an accountability committee (SAC) to advise school staff on budget, school improvement plans and other workings on the local school level that includes a liaison to PTA. SAC meetings are open to all members of the school community and include teacher and community member representation. Talk to your school leadership and find out when SAC meetings are held.


District Accountability Committee (DAC) is a district level accountability and advisory committee with parent representatives from all articulation areas including charter and option parents, PTA, at least one member of the business community and district staff. DAC members act in an advisory capacity on such topics as the district’s budget and unified improvement plan as provided by law. Members have the opportunity to hear updates on district issues/efforts and provide input on many topics.


The Jeffco PTA has a seat on the DAC and updates on the DAC, included agendas, can be found here when the DAC resumes monthly meetings during the school year.


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