Requirements to be a Healthy Unit in Good Standing

What does it mean to be a Healthy Unit in Good Standing and what do we have to do?

Officers ListMembershipInsuranceBylawsFiduciary records
Your officer list helps us provide you with valuable information throughout the year.

  • Turn in your Officers List to the Colorado PTA office by July 1. Download the form and email to the Colorado PTA Office: your typed information cuts down on returned emails! Don’t have all the information? That’s okay – send what you have and update with additional/updated information later.
  • Conduct an ongoing membership campaign.
  • Membership Reports and dues are required to be filed by October 1 and February 1 (even if no new members after October 1). Reports may be submitted as often as needed – you may want to file monthly to take advantage of our great membership drive rewards!
  • When submitting the membership report please be sure to use the Membership Report Cover Sheet and submit the membership information using the Colorado PTA Membership Listing Report

Local Units Must Have Insurance PTA bylaws require local units to carry insurance including director/officer, liability , and bonding to be a unit in good standing. Colorado PTA has negotiated comprehensive coverage at volume discount rates from AIM as the preferred provider for the Colorado PTA.

Your AIM renewal offer will come in September or early October and should not be confused with offers from other providers that might appear to be this annual insurance renewal. A PTA unit may obtain insurance from another insurance provider as long as the coverage requirements of the bylaws are met. When considering other providers, it is recommended to compare coverage amounts and rates as well as the actions required by the provider for covering your PTA events and property.

Contact the Colorado PTA office if you have any additional questions.

  • Purchase general liability, bonding and director and officer liability insurance by November 1. (***Please note that the cost of insurance through AIM has gone up. The paperwork will be mailed directly to your local school, and will then be sent back directly to AIM****) Your unit may take advantage of Colorado PTA’s group buying power and select its carrier. (AIM)
  • If selecting your own carrier, proof of insurance must be sent to the Colorado PTA office.
  • Your unit’s bylaws must be approved and filed every time you make a change and every three (3) years by the Colorado PTA Bylaws Committee.
  • Submit bylaws for approval by February 1. Once your membership approves your bylaws, they are in effect. If you need help updating your bylaws, contact your council/region representative or the Colorado PTA office.
  • Be sure to read your unit’s bylaws . They provide the structure of the local unit’s board, information on required meeting dates and other information necessary for the unit to function. Contact the Colorado PTA Office for a copy of the current Bylaws template.
  • Conduct a financial review/audit within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal year. Your incoming President and Treasurer must sign the review and it needs to be presented to your board for adoption.
  • A copy of the Financial Review/Audit Committee Report must be sent to the Colorado PTA Office by the end of September.
    • All units must file the appropriate IRS Form 990 (990N – epostcard, 990EZ, or 990). Deadline to file is the 15th day of the 5th month after your fiscal year ends (for example: file by Nov 15 if your fiscal year ends June 30).
      • To file a 990N online (your gross receipts are less than $50,000), Click Here. If this is your first time, you will need to create an account. Make sure and record your User ID and password!
      • A copy of the IRS Form 990 filing must be sent to the Colorado PTA office. If filing a 990N, forward the email verification you receive from the IRS to the Colorado PTA office.
      • Need to file for an extension? Provide Colorado PTA with documentation of the extension.
    • Units grossing over $25,000 for three or more consecutive years need to register with Secretary of State (Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act) for a small fee. Once you register, you must continue to renew annually. You will need a copy of your unit’s most recent IRS Form 990 filing to complete the registration.
      • A copy of the email confirmation received from the Secretary of the State must be sent to the Colorado PTA office.